Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon Review

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Hey Everyone!

I am so glad you came here to read my review on the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon. I did not receive this product for free, nor did I receive money for doing this review. I just felt I should share with all of you my experience with setting up this wagon and how my kids like it.

Now, first off I should say that you should run this video while assembling this wagon. I didn’t, and wish I would have and yo’ll find out why…

Now, I actually ended up putting on the handle to pull the wagon upside down. So I had to have my boyfriend remove it and then I was able to assemble it the correct way. So this is where this instructional assembly video would have helped tremendously!

One other issue I ran into assembling this wagon was trying to align the bar through the handle and wagon. It was a pain! But after many attempts and then removing and then correcting my mistake of putting it on wrong, I finally was able to get it through. So, just have some patience when doing this part.

Once it was all assembled, my children immediately jumped in and checked it out. They loved it! They actually made a little bed in it and decided to watch a movie while laying in it.

My primary reasoning for buying this Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax wagon was because of all the soccer games we are now attending. My middle and oldest daughters are both in soccer and so our weekends are in the sun. This works perfect because it has an umbrella and many, many cup holders. And not to mention, a small cooler that can attach to the outside of the wagon. This is convenient because it doesn’t take up space inside of the wagon. Leaving more room for you little kidos to enjoy their ride with enough leg room.

The seats are plastic and hard, so I recommend using either blankets or small pillows to keep them comfortable. I used blankets and it worked great.

Another great aspect of this wagon, is that the umbrella can be adjusted in height and can be turned. So, you can put the umbrella down closer to the kidos or higher or turn it to wherever it blocks the sun, although it cannot be tilted. But it is still awesome!

I was hesitant on buying the wagon at first because I didn’t want it to be another waste of money. So, after many months of thinking about it, I just got it! And let me tell you…. It was WAY worth the money.  But in the long run, this actually saves you money, because you don’t have to try and waste your money on other products to pull or push your children around in. Not to mention this doesn’t have to be used for children…. We have used it for lugging our bags of soccer balls and gear. Thankfully the kids wanted to walk and run around, so we didn’t have to carry those heavy bags of soccer balls.

You can buy it here and enjoy it too, and I am sure your kidos will love it!

Also, if you have one, let me know how you like it and what you use it for…