DIY Amazing Shopkins Cupcake Cake: Made Easy

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shopkins cupcake cake

My daughter loves those Shopkins and wanted me to make Shopkins Cupcakes for her snack day at school. Well get this… she told me the day before her snack day, so I didn’t have a lot of time to buy extra accessories, like cupcakes toppers or decorations (which are all pretty much online, on Etsy)… so I put this all together in one night!! I was so excited when I finally got done, in the middle of the night, and I knew she was going to LOVE IT!

Guess What? Yes, She LOVED IT! And I am sure your child will be just as excited or even more when you put this together for them.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to do this either. This is the first time I have done a cupcake cake like this… If I could do it, you can do it! I have faith in you.

Here are the steps to making this Amazing Shopkins Cupcake Cake:

What you will need:

  1st Make your cake mix per the directions on the cake mix box

shopkins cupcake cake MIX

2nd Line your cupcake baking pan with the cupcake liners

3rd Fill your cupcake liners about 2/3 full

shopkins cupcake cake liners

4th Place them in the oven to cook, per the directions on the cake mix box

5th When they are done place them on a baking sheet and allow to cool

Once they are, place them in the refrigerator to get nice and cold for the icing step.

6th Make your icing colors

I used a the back of the food coloring box to get a teal color and then just added in additional blue drops until I obtained the blueish color that I liked. Yours doesn’t have to be an exact shade of blue, but what you feel looks nice and stands out. I used about 3/4 of the icing container for this color. For the yellow I used about a little bit more than a 1/2 of the container. Then for the pink white and black I divided up portions into different bowls, with more icing for the pink color. Once I made the icing colors, I went on to set up my piping bags.

7th Remove cupcakes from refrigerator and assemble them into the Shopkins figure

8th Bottom three rows, spread a layer of yellow icing for the base

This does not need to be perfect because you will be doing another layer over it. Once done, place back into the refrigerator to let the yellow icing get cold for when the second layer of icing will be applied.

shopkins cupcake cake yellow

9th Preparing Piping Bags

I assembled my piping bags and used the following tip numbers for each color; Pink-3 , Blue-22 , White-4 , Black-3. * Do not assemble yellow icing in a piping bag yet. You need to do a second layer on the bottom three rows of the Shopkins Cupcake Cake first.*

shopkins cupcake cake piping bags

10th Remove cupcakes from refrigerator

Now you can do the second layer of the yellow icing. Try to spread out to create a flat looking surface.

shopkins cupcake cake yellow 2

11th Prepare the remaining yellow icing in a piping bag

I used tip number 18.

12th Pipe the blue icing onto the remaining top 5 rows of the Shopkins Cupcake Cake

You don’t have to use the same tips, in case you want to create a different look, Get Creative!

shopkins cupcake cake blue

13th Sprinkle some pink sprinkles over the cupcakes that you just iced with the blue icing

I put just pink sprinkles but if you want to, you can get some yellow sprinkles and put both pink and yellow sprinkles over the blue icing. Its up to you… I also did a little decorative outline on the bottom of the blue and top of the yellow.

shopkins cupcake cake sprinkles

14th The Eyes

Now I found two different items around my kitchen that had a circle I was to use to help me outline the eyes. I used a water bottle screw top and a baby bottle. In the picture you can see how I was able to outline the eyes so it would be easier for me to make the eyes instead of trying to make a perfectly shaped circle. But if you are comfortable with this step and not using a guide, then kudos to you! I don’t have a very steady hand so I knew I needed a little guide for this step.

shopkins cupcake cake eyes outline

  1. I did the pink portion of the eye first

shopkins cupcake cake pink eye

2. Then the white portion of the eye next

shopkins cupcake cake white eyes

3. Lastly I did the black… this is finished picture after the eyebrows and mouth, which is the next step… I am sorry I didn’t take a picture before I did the mouth and eyes.

shopkins cupcake cake black eyes

*When doing this, you can use the tip of the icing tip to kind of spread the icing as need for certain parts. To fill some little gaps, I just used the tip to adjust it.


15th The Mouth and Eyebrows

Use the black to create your Shopkins mouth and eyebrows. You can be creative on this part, it doesn’t have to look exactly like this one. Make sure to add the tongue with the pink too. Here’s the picture again, from above, just placed it here again so that way it shows a visual for this step too.

shopkins cupcake cake black eyes

16th Crown and Bow

Ok, here is where you are going to use the yellow icing that you prepared in the piping bag. You want to create a crown similar to the original picture of the Shopkin that I went off of to create the entire Shopkins Cupcake Cake.

shopkins cupcake queen

Then use the pink icing to do a circle on the top of the crown and for the bow. I did a little white strip to the bow to just make it stand out more.

shopkins cupcake cake crown bow

You are all done!! Amazing, right?

shopkins cupcake cake 2

Let me know how yours turns out? I would love to hear from you and maybe any tips or tricks that you implemented when making your own.

Happy Baking!









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