DIY Easter Basket Ideas

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I have always made my children’s Easter baskets. I don’t like the ones at the store that are already put together. It seems like they all have really cheap toys… So, I like to buy them things they like and would actually play with and put together their baskets.

Since I was a little girl, my mother used to always hide my Easter basket… I would be so excited to wake up Easter morning and go hunting for my basket. So, I have carried on that tradition with my girls.

Here are some great DIY Easter basket ideas that you can put in your child’s Easter basket that will make their basket… theirs.

Baby Easter Baskets


Easter baskets for babies can be fun to put together. They don’t eat candy so you can buy them some cute new clothes, stuffed animals, baby snacks, and baby toys. I like to buy new clothes for my baby and this is an excuse… in a way… to buy my baby new clothes. I personally don’t like to put in the decorative paper cuttings into my babies basket because the fear of her trying to eat it. But you can fill your basket quickly, with baby snacks. All of my children loved Graduates lil’ crunches and lil’ biscuits. Also, put in some plastic Easter eggs with some snacks inside of them… You can open them up with your little one and see the excitement on their face when they see their favorite snacks inside of those bright colored Easter eggs.

Toddler Easter Baskets


Toddler Easter baskets can be fun to put together because you can get so many different things. Just like with the baby Easter baskets you can put some snacks, toys, clothes and even summer toys. You can even run by your local Dollar Tree and get some balloons. You cant go wrong with balloons for kids. Also, don’t forget the Easter Eggs.

Grade School Easter Basket


I will always get my kids an Easter Basket… probably until they are 18 and out of the nest. Depending on how old your grade schooler is, you can get them movie tickets, their favorite snacks, drinks, candy, maybe even a new pair of shoes… because they definitely go through shoes. Puzzles and toys are great too. Since grade schoolers are a little more picky, just fill your childs Easter basket with things you know they will play with and enjoy. And of course the Easter eggs.35

Get Creative! And have fun in the process!


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