Create Your Own Unique Easter Baskets

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Making your own unique Easter Basket can be pretty amazing. I have searched for some cool ways to create your own unique Easter Baskets for your children. Think outside the box and create an Easter Basket that will excite your child.

Egg Shaped Easter Basket from String


This Easter Basket is super cool, right? Although this may take some time to do, the end project is totally worth it. You can get the full instructions here.

 Fabric Easter Basket


This Easter basket is super cool because your child can help you make it. I actually made this one year with my children and they loved it! You can find full instructions here.

Scrapbook Handmade Easter Basket

handmade easter basket


This is a very beautiful Easter basket made with scrapbook paper. This is actually great for anytime, not just Easter. I have included the YouTube tutorial by Annette’s Green. You can also go to her website here.

Paper Plat Easter Basket

ester basket 3

This is another great Easter basket that your child would be an amazing helper with. It doesn’t require much materials. You can even make these for your child’s classmates and fill them with a few treats. I am sure your child will be greatly appreciated from each of their classmates. You can find the full instructions here.

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