Create Your Own Unique Easter Baskets

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Here are some more ideas of how to create your very own Easter Baskets. No need to buy another plastic Easter basket that is just going to collect dust during the year or get thrown in the recycling bin.

Recycled Paper Easter Basket

IMG_1508I really like this concept because it allows you to bring in child to help. You can add very cute stickers or decorations too. See full instructions here.

Recycled Egg Carton  Easter Basket

easter basket 5

I think that this super cool! This would be great for your little toddler. That will have loads of fun putting Easter eggs in this cool basket. See full instructions here.

Fabric Easter Basket

easter basket 6

This is a great idea for those that have a sewing machine. We had one of these growing up, but it was a huge one that held magazines in the potty room. This is not only great for Easter baskets but for any use; remote control holder, magazine holder, toy holder, the list can go on… See full instructions here.

Girls Tulle Easter Basket

easter basket 7

This is so adorable. Any little girl would feel like a princess with this Easter basket, although she is already princess already. Choose any colors to make it unique for your little princess, she will absolutely love it! See full instructions here.

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