Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon Review

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How You Can Handle Your Angry Toddler

Have you ever gone to bed feeling guilty about how you may have acted towards your children that day? I sometimes stay up late researching…

Causes, Symptoms and Dealing with Mastitis

Whether this is the first time you have gotten Mastitis or you have gotten it more than 5 times…. It is the worst feeling next to labor. You get body aches, chills, fever, breast hurts like its on fire and any little touch feels like excruciating pain.

I am definitely not a fan of this infection in the breast tissue. I have had it 7 times; 5 times with my second daughter and 2 times with my third daughter.


Sometimes We Just Need Funny

Being a parent is hard work… Whether you are a new mother, father or have many children…. So getting a good laugh in…

Preparing for Labor & Postpartum

When you are pregnant, you spend a lot of time researching and trying to prepare yourself for when you have to push your new baby out. This can definitely be very exciting and scary. Whether you have gone through it multiple times or this is your first pregnancy, anxiety always sets in at some point.

I have three daughters and each one had very different labors. So no matter how much you prepare, you may never be completely ready for it. I wanted to share some of my experiences and advice with you. I hope some of this information will be of help to you and your soon to be adventure…. Yes I say adventure because it felt like one to me, each time…. But a great one!

First things first, if you feel as though you need to take birthing classes, sign up for them right away. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to squeeze all kinds of information into your pregnant brain. I tended to forget a lot… I mean a lot when I was pregnant.
If you don’t really know if you need these classes, you don’t have to. I didn’t take any birthing classes for any of my children and I survived. With the amount of information on the internet today, you can get any questions answered.

Breastfeeding Truths

When I decided to breastfeed my second daughter, after a unsuccessful round with my first daughter, I was determined to make myself an expert¬†on all the tips and tricks on nursing your child. Reading website after website… Watching video after video… Hearing advice from all pro-nursing mothers…. I felt confident that I was going to step into the nursing game a natural.

Boy was I wrong…