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Etsy is a great way to earn extra income, just by selling your homemade creations. I have been selling on Etsy for a couple months…

Create Your Own Unique Easter Baskets

  Here are some more ideas of how to create your very own Easter Baskets. No need to buy another plastic Easter basket that is…

Create Your Own Unique Easter Baskets

Making your own unique Easter Basket can be pretty amazing. I have searched for some cool ways to create your own unique Easter Baskets for…

“Hands” on Easter Crafts

Easter is a fun time for our children. Spending time with them and making crafts will get their minds cranking and laughter flowing. Here are some fun and easy crafts that involve their hands, which can also be saved as keepsake memories…

Handprint Easter Basket


This is a great project, which only needs 5 items to make. Scissors, construction paper, marker, tape and crayons. Very cute, huh? You can find the full tutorial here.

Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts

These DIY Valentine’s Day crafts will get you and your children enjoying the holiday together!  I love these because they are all very simple, easy and cheap… Who doesn’t love cheap.

Heart and Lollipop Flowers

heart and lollipop flowers---- martha stewart wbesite

These are adorable! All you need is construction paper, mini lollipops, a hole punch and glue. See full instructions here.