7 Ways to Soothe Your Infants Cold Symptoms

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My baby got sick recently with cough, chest congestion and a runny nose. As a parent you know that there is nothing more upsetting than your infant getting sick. They can’t tell you what’s wrong and there is not much medicine choices for infants, plus… you may not need medicine unless you take your baby to the doctor and they recommend a particular type.

My baby was so fussy during the night and tossed and turned… I just hated seeing her go through this. I just wished I could take all her discomfort and sickness out of her and give it to myself. I would definitely be ok with being sick rather than her.

So what symptoms does your infant have?

For all your yearly colds, most symptoms include:

•Nasal discharge… The discharge will be clear and as time goes by, you might notice it changing to shades of green or yellow as well as have a thicker texture.
•Congested and/or runny nose
•Rise in temperature… my infant had a fever off and on for a couple days. It will be a low grade fever (100.4°)
•Difficulty sleeping
•Appetite may be decreased
•Your infant may become irritable
•Your infant may have a hard time nursing or drinking from bottle due to congestion

What can you do to help sooth their cold symptoms?

First of all, I am no doctor and I am only speaking from personal experience.

If your child has been running a high fever, take them to your pediatrician. This could help you to eliminate any other illnesses your infant may have or have developed. Or sometimes you just need a peace of mind that your child is ok and doesn’t have any other illnesses. I know I just want to know my baby is going to be ok.

1st Way:

Use a humidifier in the room that your baby is in. You want to add moisture to the air so that way your infants nasal passages stay moist, which allows the ucky stuff to be coughed up more easily…. you know the ucky mucus that builds up, definitely not fun to have. You can find the URPOWER Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier here.

2nd Way:

Breastmilk. If you nurse, your breastmilk will be your infants best friend… even though you already know that, because you’ve already made the best decision to breastfeed your pride and joy. Nurse your infant more frequently than normal, if you can. But make sure to clean out your infants nose before that way they can breath easier. Which brings me to the next helpful tool.

3rd Way:

The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator. This is a much more effective way to remove the nasal junk that has build up in your infants nasal passages. Get ride of the bulb syringe and get this Snotsucker…. You will be glad you did! You can find the NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator here.

4th Way:

Give your infant baths. I like to get in he shower with my baby and just relax with her in my arms. It allows us to have hat skin to skin contact, that’s very important for both mommy and baby, as well as just being there for comfort. Get the bathroom nice and steamy and enjoy the time with your baby in the warmness of the shower. The steam from the shower will open up your infants airways.

5th Way:

Prop your baby up on an incline when nursing or bottle feeding. This will help to allow the mucus to drain. What I did was lay my baby on a pillow and then I adjusted myself around her to breastfeed her. This allowed her to get some good sleep while feeding and I wasn’t uncomfortable. Or you can simply feed her in your arms, just make sure her head is higher than the rest of their body, so the mucus can drain.

6th Way:

Rest, rest, rest… My daughter slept so much while she was congested and not feeling well. Even though she had a hard time with those stubborn buggies in her nose. The body needs time to heal.

7th Way:

Hold them. Your baby is using a lot of energy during this time and stress can make your baby more irritable and prone to using up unnecessary stress. So hold your baby close to you… where they want to be anyway…. the most comforting place for them. I stayed with my baby as much as she would allow me to and she stayed content and comfortable in my arms.



  1. fitnessfamilyfoodfun | 16th Apr 16

    Oh I wish I found this sooner! We just got over our first cold a couple weeks ago. So hard to see them not feeling well 🙁 but I can’t complain…it was her first and only cold so far and she is almost 15 months 🙂

    • Informative Mommy
      Informative Mommy | 17th Apr 16

      Wow, that is good. My daughter also just got over her first cold so far too… she is 9 months. I am crossing my fingers she doesnt get another anytime soon. With the weather these days… It snowed here (Middle of April, whats going on!)

  2. fitnessfamilyfoodfun | 16th Apr 16

    Great tips! Wish I had found it sooner. We just got over our first cold!

  3. fitnessfamilyfoodfun | 16th Apr 16

    Sorry!! My computer timed out the first time so I didn’t think my first comment posted!

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