2017 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family!

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Doesn’t it feel like we just got through putting all of the Christmas decorations away? And now it is literally right around the corner again! Crazy.

I try to be as organized and prepared as much as I can. So, when it comes to Christmas shopping, I love to shop early. I have found that the years I have waited until AFTER black friday, thinking that there has to be amazing deals closer to Christmas time….. WOW was I WRONG! So, I have learned to put on my early bird Christmas face, months before Christmas.

I have searched for many products for the whole family and have a few ideas of great, money worth presents for this 2017 Christmas Season.

Now, lets start with the children. We all know they are the most expensive to buy for, but the funnest to shop for! Here are some great children gift ideas…

Here is the New Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet! Comes in Blue, Plink or Yellow. This one has a 16 gb internal storage and is expandable! Let me tell you, my children have gone through 6 tablets already with drops and broken screens… No more, this tablet comes with a 2 year worry free waranty. Amazon states, if your children break it, return it and they’ll replace it!! Wow, now that is what I talking about…. hand clap!

Cant forget about the Fidget Spinners, well our children won’t let us no matter how much we tell them one is enough! This one is a little different though, it has a bluetooth speaker! Surprise them with this.

Trolls, Trolls, Trolls. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen that movie. My daughters love it! Plus… It is such a cute movie, so here’s Poppy!

Tsum Tsum’s! My oldest daughter loves these cute little toys. Now a carry case for her keep them organized and out of the bottom of the toy box!

Next is for your special little babies in the family! One thing I have have learned through buying many presents for babies, is that the presents are really for the parents, babies majority of the time aren’t too interested in the present but the wrapping paper! Amazing how something so simple will take all their attention. So some of these gifts ideas are pretty much for the babies which the parents in mind! Also, these are great gift ideas for all those parents to be too.

This 2-in-1 shopping cart cover is great! It also can used on high chairs, which I love because I don’t like my baby to be touching those nasty high chairs at the restaurants. It also turns into a purse, so you can carry it around easily!

This bathtub I have really loved! Especially if you don’t have a removable shower head. This is great because it has a little caddy that holds water and turns your baby bath into a mini shower bath!

Now, you can’t forget about car seat toys…

Last but not least, teething toys! The one thing that I hated with my babies putting toys in their mouths, was them falling on the floor… But this helps with that! Now you can buy the teething toy that is attachable to a bib. No more falling on the floor, YAY!

Let’s now move on to the men of the family.
The new Nintendo Switch has become a huge interest to everyone lately. This can be a gift to anyone actually.

And you can’t go wrong with buying the man on your list a new pair of Polarized Sun Glasses!

Now for the most important gifts of all…. Yes, your women on your list. Whether you are a man buying for your special lady, or a women shopping for your women relatives, these gifts are some that will impress and are inexpensive…

You can’t go wrong with jewelry.

Disney…. The most popular and most spoke of… My step-mother loved Mickey Mouse. She was pretty obessed really. So many women and children love Disney, so here is one pendant that will please.

And earrings, you can never go wrong with stud earrings.

If you have any students in your family, college students, this is perfect! You can get Amazon Prime for $49 a year! Big savings compared to the regular Amazon Prime account.

I hope that my list helps you in finding and maybe thinking about some gifts for all those in your family! Happy Shopping!